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Movie Review: Creed

Creed is the seventh movie in the famous Rocky franchise, and is probably the best in the series since the 1976 original.  It took nearly forty years and five movies in between, but we finally have a sequel that does justice to the classic underdog boxing story.

Creed is basically a remake of the original Rocky.  The story and plot-points are similar – young, hungry, written-off boxer with a chip on his shoulder is given the opportunity to fight for the title.  He finds a reluctant trainer in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky and they forge a father/son-type relationship.

It has everything you would expect and hope for in a Rocky movie – the training montages, the fights, the… well that’s pretty much it.  But both are done so well, specifically the final boxing scene, that I felt like I was a kid watching Rocky again for the first time.  Stallone gives an amazing performance, probably his best in almost forty years.

Grade: B+

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