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Movie Review – Captain America: Civil War

Marvel still knows how to make a good superhero movie, but the formula is starting to get a bit old.  So they decided to mix things up a bit by pitting our favorite superheros against each other, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

The thing is – I like Iron Man, and I like Captain America.  I like seeing them team up to fight bad guys.  When they are going against each other I really don’t know who to root for, and there’s really no satisfactory outcome.  Because this is a Captain America movie, it is made clear throughout that ‘Cap is correct in his views and, therefore, the one we should be rooting for.  But we can see Iron Man’s point-of-view as well and understand why he feels the need to stand in the way.  To me it goes against everything we know about Iron Man from the previous films (although the movie does a good job helping us understand his reasoning).

What this battle-royale does do is bring all of our favorite heroes together, including Spider-Man and (my personal favorite) Ant-Man.  It is fun to see them all in the same frame and also brings some humor to an otherwise heavy, dark story.  Paul Rudd is just what the movie needed to bring down some of the tension.  These movies are supposed to be fun, after all, and Marvel understands that (the Batman/Superman series should take note).

Overall I enjoyed the movie, but not as much as the previous entry (Captain America: Civil War).  I felt like the fight scenes dragged on the the running time was a bit too long.

Grade: B


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