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Movie Review: Finding Dory

Pixar’s latest sequel hits all of the right notes but still fails to live up to the original’s charm and humor.  One of the things that made Finding Nemo so much fun is the vastness of the open ocean.  Finding Dory takes place almost entirely within the walls of an aquarium, which takes away some of the fun and wonder of the previous installment.  Still, a couple of new characters help ensure that ‘Dory’ is still worth your time.

Dory (voice by Ellen DeGeneres) who you will remember suffers from short-term memory loss, suddenly has a flash of a memory from her childhood, remember her parents and childhood home.  She immediately embarks on a journey to find her parents and enlists the reluctant aid of Nemo and Marlin (again voiced by Albert Brooks).

Was this sequel necessary?  Are any sequel’s necessary?  Probably not.  And it does tread a lot of the same water as the original.  But as far as sequels go, and particularly Pixar sequels, Finding Dory is one of the better ones.  There are plenty of fun moments and, most importantly, my kids loved it!

Grade: B+

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