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Movie Review: Big Hero 6

I watched Big Hero 6 over the weekend with my three-year-old son and we both loved this movie.  Go see it.

The End.

Okay, I guess I should say a few things about why we liked it so much.  It was actually quite scary and deep for a kids movie.  There was a lot of tragedy and pain.  The villain was frightening to look at and really didn’t hold back.  My son covered his eyes every time he was on screen.  But there were also some huge thrills and triumphs.  I saw several kids in the audience, including my son, shout “yea” and scream for joy many times throughout the movie.  Basically, like most of the recent Disney/Pixar films, Big Hero 6 doesn’t feel like a movie that was made for kids.  I was into it every step of the way and there were some surprises that I didn’t see coming.

At it’s core the film is about a boy, Hiro, who has lost everything and needs a friend.  He finds one in a robot, Baymax, which was built by his brother to help heal the wounded, although Hiro finds some more interesting uses for him.  It’s a bit like How to Train Your Dragon meets Iron Man, with a bit of The Incredibles thrown in for good measure.

Big Hero 6 is probably not for anyone under the age of four.  I look my son, who is almost four, and he was a bit scared in certain parts.  I wouldn’t say it’s violent, but there are a lot of tense, frightening moments for small kids.

I don’t say this often, but this really is a good movie to see on the big screen.  Preferably in a theater packed with screaming kids.

Grade: B+

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