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Movie Review: Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks finally makes a good movie again!  It’s been 13 years since Cast Away, Hanks last decent movie.  He’s one of my favorite actors of all time, and had an unbelieveable hot-streak in the 1990s of making one hit after another and winning two Oscars.  Then for some reason he decided to stop making good movies for a while.  But now he’s back in one of the best movies are the year, Captain Phillips.

Hanks stars as the Captain of a cargo ship that is hijacked and, eventually, he is taken hostage on the vessle’s escape pod.  It is tense and suspenseful throughout.  Even knowing how the movie is going to end, you still feel terrible for everyone involved, including the pirates.  You feel like you’re in the boat with them thanks to director Paul Greengrass’s (The Bourne Ultimatium) close-up and shaky camera work. 

Hanks gives a great performance, probably the best he’s given in years.  It reminded me why I liked this guy so much.  Not many actors carry the weight that he does and still are able to be relatable and likeable at the same time. 

See this movie. 

Grade: A-

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