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Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer is, unfortunately, the only movie I saw this month.  I was hoping to see that magician movie with Steve Carrell, which also looks lame, but alas I was out-voted.  It stars the kid from About A Boy as Jack, a boy who sells his horse for some magic beans.  The beans grow a beanstalk up to an island in the sky inhabited by giants who are disgusting.  The movie is peppered with moments of the giants farting, burping, and picking their noses.  It was kind of funny the first couple times.

This movie is aimed at young adults, which is not smart because the story is so lame, and young adults are smart enough to know that.  This is a children’s story, but the movie is probably too violent for young children.  Ewan McGregor, best known for destroying Obi-Wann in the latest Star Wars movies.  I really like him as an actor, and he seemed to be having fun here.  There a scene where the giants are trying to cook him, and have him rolled up as a burritto.  It was the highlight of the film. 

Bryan Singer directed this, and he has fallen a long way since X2.  He directed Superman Returns, which I actually really liked as well.  But this is just really not good by his standards.  The actors all do a good job too, but the story and CGI is just so ridiculous that it doesn’t matter.  How they were able to get a pretty good cast of actors and a good director to make this is puzzling. 

Needless to say it has a huge bomb at the box office.  Which isn’t surprising, but I’m sure this has to be better then Oz: The Great of Powerful, which I haven’t seen. 

If you like movies that aren’t good, you should check out Jack the Giant Slayer.

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