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Movie Review: Premium Rush

The only new movie I saw in the last while is Premium Rush, which is new to Red Box.  It stars Joseph Gordon Levitt (you probably know him from the hit NBC series 3rd Rock From the Sun in the 90s) as a bicycle messenger in New York.  Sounds exciting, right?  Well it is!  You thought you knew everything that goes on with these bicycle messengers, you have no idea!

First of all, his girlfriend just broke up with him because he forgot about her graduation or something.  On top of that, there’s some other bicycle messenger guy that’s moving in on his turf.  He recently graduated from law school but hasn’t taken the bar exam, instead opting to be a bicycle messenger because he likes ‘the rush.’  Well he’s in for a rush today.

He gets a delivery that sounds promising, pays about $40, enough to buy a bag of pretzels in NYC, but it turns out that what he’s delivering is worth a lot of money, and some very bad people are trying to get it from him.  Of course the bicycle messenger oath prohibits him from giving the package to anyone other then the intended recipient, and if he wants to keep his $40, he’s going to honor that oath.  So the result is a bunch of bike chases, gun shots, and other action-packed hijinks. 

If you like the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun, and you like bicycles, Premium Rush is the movie for you.

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