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Movie Review: The Avengers

The Avengers is basically Iron Man 3 with some Captain America, Thor, and Hulk mixed in for good measure, which isn’t a bad thing. Everyone has their moments, but ultimately the filmmakers (Joss Whedon of TV’s Firefly) were smart in understanding that Iron Man is everyone’s favorite.

The idea of putting all these superheroes together is kind of ridiculous, even if it was built up in the other films. That said, it works pretty well and The Avengers is surprisingly good. For starters, they finally figured out a way to use The Hulk. Next to Iron Man, he was the best part of the movie. Captain America is a bit of a weak link, but not enough to ruin the party.

The story isn’t very memorable, something about an alien trying to destroy the world. But these movies aren’t really about the story – they’re about the action and comedy, and The Avengers has plenty of both.

It’s hard to image all of these heroes going back to their own separate movies now. Why would Iron Man or Captain America fight a super-villain alone now that they have a Hulk to help them? But that is the plan, as Iron Man 3 is shooting as we speak, and will likely be released next summer.

One minor complaint – what is Black Widow’s and Hawkeye’s superpower? Are they just super-awesome at fighting and bow and arrowing, or do they actually have some sort of superpower? And if so, how did they get them? Where they born with them, or were they in contact with radiation at a young age? If you know, please tell me.

Anyway, if you like Iron Man, Hulk, and/or Captain America, you should check out The Avengers. It’s pretty good.

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