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March an up-and-down month for the Jazz

With the NBA season coming to an end soon, the Jazz’s playoff chances are still up in the air. I’m still not sure what to make of the team, as they’ve look amazing at times, but have lost to some bad teams as well. They played great early in the month, but have cooled off since. I’m still hopeful that they can turn it around and make the post season, but it will be difficult.

The key for the Jazz is defense. When they lose it’s because they can’t lock their opponent down and get stops when they need them. Last week in a loss to Sacramento, DeMarcus Cousins dominated and no one could stop him. For the Jazz to win, they’re going to have to focus on team defense and helping the helper. When they get stops, they get easier baskets on the other end and the offense seems to take care of itself.

While it’s hard to keep their leading scorer Al Jefferson off the floor, it would be nice to see Kanter and Favors in the game more, as they get rebounds and stops that the team needs. I’d also like to see rookie Alec Burks more, as he’s proven he can score and play good defense on the wing.

With the regular season ending in just a few weeks, hopefully the Jazz can make a push and extend it into the post season.

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