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Movie Review: Man on a Ledge

I have to admit that I wasn’t too excited about this movie, but it’s January and there’s not much to see, so I checked it out and was actually pretty impressed.  Nothing about this movie is believable in any way, but if you can forget about that for a couple of hours, you’ll probably really enjoy this film.

Starring Sam Worthington (Avatar, The Debt) as a man who stands on a ledge for most of the movie, and Elizabeth Banks (30 Rock) as the detective in charge of talking him down, there are enough twists and turns to hold your interest throughout most of the playing time.

Not to give too much away, but basically, Worthington’s character, an ex-cop, was accused of stealing a $40 million diamond and sentenced to 25 years in prison.  He is let out for a day to attend his father’s funeral and somehow manages to escape and hatch a scheme to steal the diamond, thus proving that he didn’t steal it in the first place and proving his innocence.  His scheme, of course, involves him standing on a ledge while his friends do all the work.  His “team” that stealing the diamond have no experience, little training, and are pretty much stupid overall, but they are fun to watch and are somehow believable anyway. 

Again, this is not the most realistic movie, and some parts are laughably bad.  But if you’re looking for something to see, it’s definitely not a bad couple of hours.

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