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Movie Review: The Adventures of Tintin

Steven Spielberg is back with two movies late last year, and I saw one of them. 

I’m not sure, but it feels like Spielberg has lost his touch.  He hasn’t made a really good movie since 2002’s Minority Report, and some of his most recent movies have been disasters (see Indiana Jones 4).  Tintin is a bit of a return to form for Spielberg (although it’s his first animated feature), and it certainly has it’s moments, but overall it feels like he’s trying too hard sometimes. 

Basically, it’s an adventure movie involving an ancient treasure and Tintin’s voyage across the world to find it.  There are some fun moments along the way, and Spielberg makes good use of the freedom that animation allows during some of the bigger action sequences.  In some ways I am reminded of the third (and my personal favorite) Indiana Jones movie.  It’s light-hearted, funny, and has some really fun and interesting set pieces.  At one point there is a sword fight of sorts between two construction cranes.  A case through an Egyptian city to catch a bird is also a lot of fun.

Tintin is a good movie for the family.  It will hold your interest and keep your kids entertained throughout.  If you’re a Spielberg fan, especially of his older adventure movies, you’ll definitely want to see this.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, it’s just that, much like with Indy 4, it feels like he’s trying to make something that he might have made 20 years ago, but he simply has moved on and can’t quite get the magic back.  He’s so close, but just barely misses the mark.

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