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Movie Review – Mission: Impossible

By admin - 26th December 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is director Brad Bird’s (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) first live-action movie, and it shows.  As much critical praise as this movie’s been getting, it has a lot of flaws and was, at times, difficult to watch.  This is the fourth film in the series, and none of the sequels have matched the first on any level (with the possible exception of the villain in the third movie, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman).  The first Mission: Impossible was...

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Movie Review – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

By admin - 21st December 2011

The new Sherlock Holmes movie came out last week receiving mediocre reviews, and I don’t understand why.  It was one of the most fun movies of the year, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law were hilarious, and the story was superior to the first installment.  Like the first film, the movie was a bit long and slow at times, but, for the most part, everything worked.  This movie deserves your attention. Bringing in Holmes’ rival, Professor James Moriarty, played brilliantly...

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The Jazz should dump C.J., among others

By admin - 21st December 2011

Watching the first pre-season game the other night, one thing was clear to me:  the Jazz need to get rid of some players, the first of which is C.J. Miles.  I don’t know what Jazz management sees in him, but he’s been in the league seven years now and hasn’t seemed to progress much at all.  Despite his length and speed, he doesn’t play good defense.  Despite his size and athleticism, he doesn’t rebound.  Most of the time, he isn’t...

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Movie Review: In Time

By admin - 9th November 2011

In Time takes place in a distant future (don’t recall if they ever gave a year) where everyone has been genetically engineer to stop aging at age 25.  The catch is that once you turn 25, your ‘clock’ starts running and you have only one year left to live.  It gets even more complicated because now, instead of money, time is the new currency, which can be passed from person-to-person by locking wrists.  Those who have a lot of time...

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Movie Review: Real Steel

By admin - 3rd November 2011

I finally got around to seeing Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman as a former boxer who how owns robots and has them fight to the death (or whatever happens to robots when they are badly hurt).  Sounds stupid?  It is, but the movie isn’t too bad despite the ridiculous premise. First of all, wouldn’t everyone rather see Hugh Jackman in a movie about human boxing?  Watching him remote-control a robot to victory while he stands safely on the sidelines is...

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In its eighth season, House as good as ever

By admin - 14th October 2011

At the beginning of its eighth season, House M.D. is still one of the best shows on television, and certainly the best medical drama (although it feels more like a comedy) of all time.  In fact, the show has gotten better and better throughout its run (I’d much rather watch an episode from a more recent season then one from the first four)  The second episode of the season was among the best I’ve seen in the show’s history.  How...

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Utah/BYU Football: Is Bigger Always Better?

By admin - 13th October 2011

Once upon a time there were two college football teams that ruled their conference.  They were both in contention for the conference championship every year, and if they did really good, they even had a chance at going to a BCS bowl game.  They were nationally respected programs and recruited some solid players.  They were not elite, but probably never could be due to their location, size, and other factors.  But they were making the most with what they had,...

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Better safe than sorry

By admin - 3rd October 2011

When considering auto and homeowners insurance, a lot of people don’t consider the importance of having enough liability coverage. In fact, many people are driving around with the minimum required liability insurance and don’t even realize it, and don’t know much must of a financial risk they’re taking. First of all, let me explain what liability insurance covers. On your auto policy, you may see something like: Bodily Injury Liability Limits: 100/300 Property Damage Liability Limit: 100 This means that...

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Stay out of my pool!

By admin - 26th September 2011

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately who are upset that their home or auto insurance rates have gone up when their insurance renews. Often times they have recently filed a claim, been in an accident, or gotten a speeding ticket. They are upset with the insurance company and don’t think it’s fair for them to be charged more money after filing a claim or getting a ticket. I’d like to explain why insurance companies do this, and...

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